A PDF version of the Annotated New York State Algebra I Standards is now available in the Algebra I section. This document is designed to be a comprehensive resource for New York State Common Core standards for Algebra I. It includes information from various additional documents published by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) on the Common Core standards, including clarifications published after the standards were released.

This document contains the following:

  • Overview of all New York State Common Core standards (p. 3), which includes:
    • Approximate percentage breakdown on the Regents Exam for each of the major conceptual categories for the course
    • Standard: Complete text of each standard, grouped by cluster and domain
    • Emphasis: Level of emphasis for each standard in the course, as stipulated by NYSED
    • Related: Standards that cover similar or related topics
    • Resources: Links to online resources for each standard
  • Levels: Five levels of proficiency for each standard, which represent a continuum of proficiency ranging from most proficient to least proficient
  • Examples: Examples of each level for each standard. (These are illustrations of each standard, not necessarily the only possible questions for each level) Many of the examples are taken from Regents Exams or the Illustrative Mathematics web site (http://www.illustrativemathematics.org).